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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I order from GooGoo Custom Computers instead of from a larger company like Dell?

Ans : Firstly, GooGoo Custom Computers is very responsive to customers’ queries. We make sure our response time to any client's email is less than 3 hours – something that larger companies like Dell can never match. Dell is simply too big to offer this service. Secondly, we believe our systems are configured much more intelligently than Dell's. Since they do not have the time to work with each and every customer, their computers are not tailored to fit each customer's unique needs. GooGoo Custom Computers, on the other hand, makes sure to take the time to correctly configure a computer. While working with you to put together a computer system, the two most common questions we ask are, "What will this computer be used for?" and "What is your budget"? From there, we will work with you on building a computer that is tailored to suit your needs and budget. This is what we truly call custom computers from a customized service.

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Do you have a retail storefront?

Ans : No, we do not have any showrooms. We operate solely as an internet business. Without the cost of rental and more sales staff to manage the showroom and other overheads, we are able to greatly reduce our margins on every system we sell. This means lower prices for customers. Currently, we are doing quite well in this position and have no intention of setting up a showroom. Our main goal is to provide quality systems at the lowest possible prices.

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Why should customers trust GooGoo Custom Computers?

Ans : GooGoo Custom Computers do not accept payment over the internet. We will only request payment after customers have inspected their goods at home. Moreover, all hardware warranties are issued by their respective manufacturer or distributor. In the worst possible scenario that GooGoo Custom Computers ceased its operation, customers can still approach hardware distributors or manufacturers regarding warranty claims. When you purchase anything from GooGoo Custom Computers, all original packages (boxes, manuals, CDs) are passed on to you. We operate with transparency so customers can rest assured when they purchase from us.

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What kind of warranty does GooGoo Custom Computers carries?

Ans : This is explain explicitly at Warranty Information.

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I can build a PC myself, why do I need GooGoo Custom Computer's help?

Ans : Unless you have vast experience in building a PC, customers sometimes face compatibility issues when assembling a PC. Anybody can just read a manual and follow its instructions on building a PC. However, anyone will inevitably face problems when assembling a PC for the first time. Another option is to pay the shop where you bought your hardware to assemble your PC for a price. But the shop will never do a burn-in test (stress test) for your PC so there is a chance of going home with a defective PC. The shop will also not offer you a 1 Year On-Site Warranty. When a problem arises, you can ask your geek friend for help but when you keep bugging him each time you encounter any problems you will only frustrate your friend.

If time is on your side and you really want to learn how to build and assemble a PC yourself, you will really enjoy the fun of it and the experience you gained through the process. If not, we assure you that you will have a problem free PC if you purchase from us.

Click here to read our Comprehensive Assembling and Testing procedures.

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Why are some of your parts more expensive then other computer stores in Sim Lim Square (SLS)?

Ans : We price our items base on costs. We do not sell any item at a very low price while charging more for other items to offset that particular lowly-priced item. All our goods come with local distributor's warranty. This is to ensure customers will trust our goods when they purchase from us.

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