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About Us

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.

GooGoo Custom Computers specializes in building quality computers that are customized to suit the individual needs of our customers. When we build a system, we bring together quality parts and put them through stringent assembly procedures before sending it to you.  

We understand that buying a computer nowadays is fraught with endless decisions: What brand should you go for? What model is suitable for you and your household? Should you invest in more RAM or a larger monitor? The list goes on… 

Sadly, the mindset of properly tending to a consumer’s questions and needs is considered somewhat a rarity in the computer industry. Instead, many computer companies exploit the ignorance of consumers and sell them poorly configured computer models that do not cater to their actual computing needs.

GooGoo Custom Computers is established on this backdrop to help you make the right decisions when you are considering the purchase of a computer. 

If you have any questions regarding the kind of computer you need, feel free to contact us. We pay our technicians based on the quality of service they can provide and not on the number of computers they can sell. They are trained to help you understand as much as possible about what components are suitable for you before tending to your order personally.

We can say without any embarrassment that we are the most ethical computer company in the industry.

Do not be afraid to call us. In fact, when we feel it makes more sense for you to purchase from our competitors, we actually encourage it! 


Our Philosophy

At GooGoo, we emphasize on bringing as much as we can to our customers – whether it be quality computers or answers to any computing hardware queries. This may be a very unorthodox way to do business in this industry but we’re very proud of our company’s values. 

While profits is essential to any company’s growth, GooGoo is also born out of a genuine desire to educate the masses and help computer buyers make informed decisions.”                                                                           

                                                                - GooGoo Custom Computers Founder Robin Wong

GooGoo Custom Computers is conceived to put a stop to having unsuspecting buyers overpay for poorly-configured systems that contain substandard parts or parts they won’t even need.

For example, we can’t stomach it when someone pays more than $3000 for that ‘multimedia’ monster with a top of the range graphics card when the only multimedia chores the computer will be subjected to is playing DVDs and music.

We also can’t believe it when people pay less than $1000 for a ‘budget system’. $1000 may sound like a good deal for a computer but not when it has only barely enough RAM to run Windows XP, very limited upgrade options, and is powered by a dodgy power supply unit.

Do not fall to cynical sales tactics that aim only to squeeze profits out of people who do not know their computer hardware.     

Our philosophy is simple; understand our customers’ needs, build a system that lasts, and provide excellent support and service to customers whenever and wherever they need us.  


Building for the Future

Buying a computer from a leading brand name can be a vicious cycle. Under the influence of misleading advertising and brochures, consumers often pay a premium price for a computer with substandard parts.

Often, these computers will give you plenty of problems and to make things worse, these preassembled models offer little upgrading options so you end up paying for another overpriced system after a few short years.

Our company believes that the only way to break this trend is to provide excellent service and arm consumers with adequate computer hardware knowledge.

Contrary to most of our competitors, we build for our customers a quality computer for the future – one that has ample room for expansion with the ability to last through several upgrade cycles.          

When we build a computer for you, we take into consideration not only your current requirements but your future needs as well. When possible, we always choose components that provide support and space for future upgrades.

That way, when prices for current technology drop and you feel that your computing needs have outgrown your computer’s performance, all you have to do is to give us a call. We will then assign a technician to make the appropriate upgrade to your computer with discussion on your needs and budget of course. That sure beats having to pay for a new computer every few years! 

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