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Warranty Information

PC system Warranty Info

All GooGoo Custom Computer systems (Desktop and Small Form Factor PCs) carry a free 90 day Next Business Day On-Site Standard* warranty.

GooGoo Custom Computers give you an option of extending your warranty. The following is detailed information on extended warranty: 

1) 1 year Next Business Day On-Site Standard* warranty - Onsite Service (M-F:0900-2100)

2) 2 year Next Business Day On-Site Limited* warranty - Onsite Service (M-F:0900-2100)

3) 3 year Next Business Day On-Site Limited* warranty - Onsite Service (M-F:0900-2100)

Warranty begins from the date of invoice. Do note that some peripherals carry a manufacturer’s warranty that is effective even after the expiry of GooGoo Custom Computers’ warranty (e.g. Kingston Rams Limited lifetime or Seagate Hard Drive 5 year warranty). On the other hand, some parts like speakers and optical drives carry only a 1 year warranty. Note that the manufacturer’s warranty supersedes all GooGoo’s extended warranty. Upon expiry of GooGoo’s PC system warranty, customers will have to deal directly with manufacturers or distributors (e.g. Kingston or Seagate) regarding malfunctioning computer parts.

*Standard warranty covers Parts and Labour

*Limited warranty covers Labour and Parts where their manufacturer's warranty is still in effect.

Replacement Parts for PC Systems*

If any computer part is defective during the warranty period, we will replace the defective hardware with a compatible part at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES. This is to allow customers to have a usable computer while the defective part is being sent for repair. Once the defective part is repaired, we will then replace the part back to your system. Read more in Components Warranty Info below.

Note: Repair period is 4 to 6 weeks depending on the manufacturer or distributor. We will notify the customer otherwise in the event of any contingency.

*Replacement parts: includes only RAMs, Graphic Card, Optical Drive, Sound Card, Power Supply, Speakers, Keyboard and  Mouse

Components Warranty Info

All components carry local distributor's warranty; conditions of each item’s warranty are shown on GooGoo Custom Computers’ product details and printed on invoice. Some components may be tested before delivery to prevent 'Dead On Arrival'. Components with manufacturer’s defect can be replaced under our 30 day, 1-1 exchange * policy at no additional charge.

* Does not include LCD monitor.


GooGoo Custom Computers’ warranty extends only to software purchased from us. If an Operating System or other software is bought together with the computer system, installation will be provided. We have a technical support line to tend to your software problems. Do contact us regarding any software issues. However, we are not obligated to rectify any problems caused by the installation of software not bought from GooGoo Custom Computers.

Limitation of Liability

GooGoo Custom Computers are not responsible for any damages or costs that are resulted from accidents, misuse, disaster, or abuse of your computer. Modifications, overclocking, BIOS or firmware updates, or repairs made to your system by anyone other than a GooGoo representative will void your warranty. GooGoo Custom Computers are not liable for any losses or complications that arise as a result of computer failure or a delay in the production or repair of your system.
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