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Hardware Guide

We understand that not everyone possesses the technical know-how to build their own computer. In this section, users will be guided through the painful process of selecting components to build their dream PC. We try to simplify this learning process by cutting through computer jargon and getting straight to the point with laymanís terms. However, users are still encouraged to read through all the 'Features' and Specifications' of each product at GooGoo before making any commitments. We hope that users will use their newly-acquired computer hardware knowledge to make informed choices whether they are building a computer with us or buying a preconfigured PC from other computer stores

If you find it bothersome to read through all the pages found in this section, you can always contact us through phone, where our sales staff will guide you through selecting the components for your dream PC.

ProcessorCPU Processor
This is the brain of the PC where all calculation takes place.
This is where all the Components are connected to.
This is where information are stored.
RAMGraphics Card
It is the card that process all the information that you see on screen.
Hard DriveHard Drive
A Disk that store all you files.
A metal box to contain all the internal components of your PC.
PSUPower Supply Unit
This provide the electricity for your PC.
A device that display information.
Optical DriveOptical Drive
A Drive that reads all your CDs and DVDs.
A compact version of a desktop.

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