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Why GooGoo is INCOMPARABLE? Why buy our Custom Computers?

At GooGoo, we guide you to conduct online hardware research and compare prices of local DIY stores before you decide whether to buy from us. We embrace competition as we know this will ultimately bring value to our customers. Read on to find out why we are incomparable to our competitors.

1) 19 point Assembly and Testing procedures

Ever encounter a situation where hardware or software conflicts occurs after buying a DIY PC and you have to make a trip down to the shop and have it changed?

Or worst, you bought a defective component. All the enthusiasms for a new PC will be lost and you will be left frustrated with a new but defective PC.

Read on to find out how we take care of all this problems for you. We assure you to have a new problem free PC if you buy from us.

Assembly Procedures:

  1. Testing of primary components
    Ensure that all primary components (RAMs, CPU, Main Board and Power Supply) are working well before mounting into case.

  2. Mounting of components
    All components are assembled to the PC together with secondary components (Hard Drive, Graphic Card, Case Fans and etc.)

  3. Tuning of BIOS
    BIOS are tuned to the hardware specification for optimal results.

  4. Tying up loose ends
    All cables are tied up neatly to provide better air flow.

  5. Packed Up
    All boxes, manuals, CDs and guarantee cards are packed for delivery.

Hardware Testing:

  1. PC LEDs and Buttons
    Ensure System and Hard Drive LEDs, Reset and Power buttons are working.

  2. Hard Drive
    Hard Drive must pass all diagnostic tests provided by manufacturer.

  3. Fans
    All fans in the system must be working and do not generate excessive noise.

  4. CPU and RAMs
    CPU and RAMs must passed S&M and MemTest86 stress test respectively.

  5. Ports and Optical Drive
    All USB, Optical Drive and Ports (Serial, LPT, IEEE, Sound and etc.) must be functional.

Note: If Operating System (OS) is not purchase with system, test will stop here.

Software Installation:

  1. Partition of Hard Drive
    Hard Drive will be partition for backup purposes.

  2. Cloning of Hard Drive
    OS will be cloned to Hard Drive.

  3. Drivers and Software Installation
    Latest Drivers (non beta) for all hardware will be installed to OS.

  4. Windows Activation
    Activate Windows XP.

  5. Windows Update
    All Windows service packs and updates will be installed to OS.

  6. Software Installation
    Original Software purchased from GooGoo will be installed and updated.

  7. Useful Software
    Adobe Acrobat Reader and free antivirus software will be installed.

  8. Clean Up
    Unwanted files left behind by software installation will be cleared.

  9. Back Up
    A copy of backup image file will be created.

2) Fully Customizable System

We are different from other Build-to-Order computer stores. We do not offer any basic configuration for you to upgrade on, like what the big companies do. We allow you to choose whatever components you want in your PC. We want you to know what you put inside your system is what you want and not some other unknown components.

3) 3 year Next Business Day On-Site warranty*

We are the only Local PC store in Singapore to offer you a 3 year Next Business Day On-Site warranty for the purchase of Custom Desktops and SFFs. No one in town can match this service. Read more ...

4) Competitive pricing

Do not fall prey on MISLEADING MARKETING and SUBSTANDARD PARTS. Our price may sometimes be a little higher than other companies but definitely not exorbitant . What we offer for that little amount is immeasurable as it gives you a high quality and problem free new PC. Read on to find out how we are able to keep our prices down.

5) Fast Lead Time

GooGoo Custom Computer usually deliver all built to order systems within 3-5 business days. A confirmation call will be made to customer before we start our workflow.
Day 1
After an order has been received, we will check the order against our inventory. If parts that you specify is not included in our stock list, we will try our very best to source for it.

Day 2
Once the parts acquisition is complete, we will start to assemble your computer system.

Day 3
Deliver the system to your doorstep.

6) Free Delivery

We do not charge any delivery fees for Desktops and SFFs when you purchase from us.

7) 30 day money back guarantee

If any parts due to manufacturing defect occurs during the first 30 days from the date of invoice. Customers are entitled to a full refund of the purchase price less 10% for handling charges. Alternatively, customers can request for on-site warranty for the parts to be replace at no addtional charges within the first 30 days.

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